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County Minutes for September, 2013





SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

The meeting of the Dunn County Council of the American Legion was held at the, Veterans Center of Menomonie, Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

The meeting was called to order by, Commander Dudley Markham, at 7:00 p.m.

Chaplain Ron Grutt, gave the opening prayer and, Commander Markham, led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the American Legion Preamble to the Constitution.

Roll call was taken with the following post reporting: Menomonie Post 32 – 3; Elk Mound Post 37 – 1; Downing Post 232 – 3; Wheeler Post 235 – 1; Boyceville Post 314 – 2; Ridgeland Post 511 – 3 and Eau Galle Post 542 – 1. Colfax and Connorsville were absent. Special guest were 10th District 1st Vice-Commander John Miller and perspective member for Menomonie Post 32, Nicholas Lange.

Finance Officer Ron Grutt, reported a checkbook balance of $720.20. A recent check for $25.00 was issued to VFW Post 1039 for the High ground Annual Bike Ride. Motion by, Grutt, second by, Mounce, to approve the report carried.

Commander Markham, reported the 10th District Fall Conference will be held on Saturday, September 20-22 at the Boyd American Legion.

The Commander presented a report from the Dunn County Veterans Service Officer Greg Quinn. Enrollment in the VA health care system satisfies the enrollment requirements in the Affordable Care Act. Backlog of VA claims is down to 300K. Wisconsin drivers license will now reflect veterans status. Veterans filing a first time VA claim can now receive a one-year retroactive payment from the date of the claim as an incentive for providing all medical evidence at the time of filing. The incentive is designed to reduce back log and more efficiently completed claims. The Wisconsin GI Bill and Property Tax Credit have changed the residency requirements to include “living in Wisconsin the past 5 years.” Income tax forms and property tax statements can be used for verification.

A list of 10th District County Commanders and 10th District Officers was handed out to each post along with a packet on information from the state convention. The free accidental and dismemberment Legion insurance is now 5K but you must renew the policy every 4 years for it to be effective.

Commander Markham, discussed the importance of filing IRS 990 forms to maintain post non-profit status. Also, the importance of each post having their own constitution and by-laws. The legion has resources available for writing these documents. The IRS has begun to require Legion post to have a copy of the DD214 on file for each post member. Some Legion post in Texas have been fined for not having the 214's on file. Senator Ted Cruz, from Texas, is currently proposing legislation to stop the IRS from enforcing the 214 requirement.

The new State Commander is Ken Rynes and Commander Markham talked about the membership incentives for recruiting new members including a $1,000.00 drawing offered by Commander Rynes and the Department of Wisconsin. For each new member recruited the recruiters name will be entered into the drawing.

Commander Markham, requested reimbursement for mailing and printing supplies for a total of $158.97. Motion by, Severson, second by, Feeney, to reimburse the Commander. Motion carried.

Raffle tickets were handed out for each post to sell for the 10th District raffle to be held on October 27th at the District DEC Meeting. 10th District Vice-Commander John Miller, spoke regarding the proceeds of the drawing and that a large portion goes to the 10th District Oratorical Contest.

Currently the county dues are due at a rate of 20 cents per post member. Motion by, Feeney, second by, Mounce, to have the dues remain the same at 20 cents per member. Motion carried.

10th District First Vice-Commander John Miller, spoke regarding his credentials and background and that he is responsible for overseeing Barron and Dunn counties for the ensuing year.

Under sick call none were reported. Closing prayer was delivered by Chaplain Grutt. Next meeting will be held at 6:30p.m. on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at he Veterans Center of Menomonie.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marlin W. Severson, Adjutant

Dunn County Council American Legion

10th District – Department of Wisconsin


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